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What it really defines a luxurious experience? Is it the view, the magnificent atmosphere, the fine details or is it the grandeur, the comfort or the perfect servings? Lasermo Ladakh unifies all these elements in perfect harmony, right in the heart of Leh, since 1979. Guests will benefit from the privilege location. You will feel the essence of the city through the magnificent view, one looks through your room’s window and you will fall in love with city of Leh forever.

The building’s exterior is impressive, but upon entering through big glass door, the lobby will leave you in awe.

Welcome to Ladakh’s very first corporate hotel, Lasermo Ladakh.

The rooms have been fully build from scratch and offer relaxation and serenity in pastel color tones. The furniture has a unique design and each executive room comes stranded with a huge comfortable bed.

Premium materials and the lighting, the tastefull wall color evoke high class interiors of the modern era.

The greatest luxury provided by Lasermo Ladakh is time.

Your entire business schedule would be accounted for without leaving the premises. Lasermo Ladakh of its many business facilities providing a great working environment, the business premises are versatile featuring the latest technology for your conference, symposium or reception. End the day with an exclusive cocktail in hotel’s restaurants or an informal evening in the lounge, simply checking in Lasermo is a good business investment.

Lasermo Ladakh is a modern blend of personality and elegance.

A brand-new design, unified and unique, Lasermo Ladakh has entered the elite club of business hotels, making it unique in the city.

Its symphony of exquisite services fulfill the highest expectations of the elite and its tailored to their tastes.

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